Meet Lapsly

Celebrate the learning process

Build by educators, Lapsly will help you assess the learning process, not just the final product.

Teacher using Lapsly Live with students

Lapsly lets you see the learning process.

With Lapsly, you’ll assess more than just the final product.

Assess the process

Once a student starts a work session, Lapsly takes regular screenshots and turns them into a timelapse, letting you see what students have been working on.

Students are in control

Lapsly puts the learning process in student hands, nothing is recorded until a student starts a work session, and they get to decide when to turn it in.

Live view

With Lapsly Live, you can see student work live once student sessions are started. Catch errors or help guide learning in real time.

Lapsly in Action

Lapsly lets teachers to see the learning process through timelapse recordings of student work sessions.

Built with scale in mind.

Lapsly is entirely in the cloud, so teachers and students focus on the work, not the tech.


Lapsly works seamlessly
with Google Classroom™

  • Easy to use

    Assigning a Lapsly to students is as easy as creating a Google Classroom assignment.

  • Watch their work

    With Lapsly Live, you can see students working in real time.

  • Assess their work

    Review student timelapse videos to see their work and provide feedback.

  • Easy to get started.

    Lapsly doesn’t require any technical headache, you can get started in minutes.

  • Works with Google Classroom

    You’re already a Google Classroom pro, using Lapsly will be a piece of cake.

  • Students have the power

    Students get to decide when to start a work session and when to end it, so they’re in control.

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